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What people are saying about The Wizard and The Wrench


Brazen poetic genius

 “The bold and brazen poetic genius of Dominic Albanese rattles in your head and cuts clear to the bone. Bukowski ain’t got nothing on this former New Yorker. Ambika Devi summons the natural rhythms of our world to the surface so that we can peer down onto the still pond of human nature.”

Ted Fauster speculative fiction author of The World of Faerel series and poet.

Angels, stripped down V-8's, tarot readings

“Some  visionary doomed Italian Catholic lost Coney Island Americana liturgy of  angels, stripped down V-8's, tarot readings—and goils.”

Kris Saknussemm is an award-winning poet and short-story writer, novelist, painter, and head of the multimedia arts collective CLAMON .

Hardware and head-wear would go hand in hand

 "What  are the chances that hardware and head-wear would go hand in hand? Can  you imagine the merging of magic and mechanics? Astrologer, yoga  scholar/teacher, healer and author, Ambika Devi and Vietnam war vet, mechanic, biker dude Dominic Albanese have joined forces to co-write The Wizard and the Wrench.  This book of poetry provides a juxtaposition between the etheric and  the earthy. An image of a wizard hat and a wrench denotes the words of  each. They volley back and forth, tempting the reader to laugh and shake  their heads in knowing delight and sometimes amazement as the two share  childhood memories about crayons and the aroma of a grandmother's  cooking. Let your fancy be tickled by their words."

Edie Weinstein,  MSW, LSW is a colorfully creative journalist, inspiring speaker,  licensed social worker, interfaith minister, editor, and author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary. She calls herself an Opti-mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility. 

Cutting the syllabic molecules

"Cutting  the syllabic molecules through and through with a wizened clarity, with  the air of twisting prose delicately and sublimely into metaphysically  regulated, exquisite poetry. These two writers perpetuate positive,  syncopated ear candy—simultaneously packed with language nutrition—aixo era y no era—and  provide us with a singularly exotic pleasure. A word-fest fit for the  finest gourmands of linguistic delicacies. I hope you enjoy these  treasured sounds as both a feast for the soul, and as a massage for the  ears, mind and chakras."
Dr. Patagonia, Poet 

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The Wizard


As a child, Ambika Devi filled the margins of her notebooks with original stories, drawings and poetry. This mystified her teachers but thankfully that did not stop her.

She went on to write her first novel Lilith which was a finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards in the category of Spiritual Fiction. This was followed by her second book Unfolding Happiness a treatise of happiness, health and Ayurveda which was named one of the  Top Hundred Indie published books of 2016 under her newly hatched  house, Mythologem Press.

Ambika's backpack is stuffed with colored pens, a journal, a Kindle, a passport, and a deck of Tarot Cards.  Her lifelong romance with the written word and belief that storytime is  the sweet medicine of existence keep her connected with academia.   Currently Ambika is Dean of Psychic Arts and Professor of Divination,  Healing, Psychic Arts and Magickal Practices for the Grey School of Wizardry and she is a mentor for Yoga-Samskrutham University.

Ambika  spends a lot of time floating in the cosmic ocean. Her loving humor,  mystical wisdom and colorful cosmic insight fly off the pages of her  books and into the hearts of her readers.


The Wrench

Dominic Albanese was born in Hell's Kitchen three months after the Atomic bomb dropped.  His half-Italian half-Irish roots have been a source of confusion,  bemusement and amusement, sustaining him through his family’s move to  Coney Island at age six and, later when he dropped out of school in the  seventh grade to work in a gas station on Neptune Avenue. There he got  involved with some chop-shop guys and was caught. The family’s priest  and his dad along with the cop who popped him, forged his birth records  to make him two years older. Five minutes later, he was enlisted in the  army.

He went to work for Nick Torelli in 1967, on cars that  belonged to all of the San Francisco rock stars, dope-dealers, lawyers,  doctors, and assorted wannabes. Later he was sent to Italy for training  twice by Ferrari and once to England by Jaguar. Dominic twisted wrenches  on some of the best cars in the world for more than forty years. In  2009 he retired to swim, walk, go fishing, and write poetry. Now a  septuagenarian having turned seventy-two in November 2017, he says that  for the first time in his life, he feels he has very few worries other  than a yearly depression that creeps into his writing between Christmas  and Easter, which proves his native roots are strong. Once he gets a  handle on it, he remembers that he lives close to the ocean, where he can fish and kayak and get back to acting like he is twenty-two again. 



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